Monthly Archives: November 2010

Kiwi Update – November 2010

Since the last update, I have completed the new security features in the kernel: there is now basic support for users/groups, and all kernel objects now have access control lists. The ext2 module has also been updated to support conversion between kernel ACLs and POSIX modes on the filesystem, and the userspace POSIX subsystem also supports this.

After finishing this, I returned to working on the GUI. I have done some major performance improvements, and I now get good performance from it on a 500MHz Pentium III. I also implemented a basic C++ API for creating windows and handling input in applications, and using this I wrote a new terminal emulator application. This allowed me to port bash (which is now included in the repository and therefore with every build of Kiwi), as well as ncurses and nano. The obligatory screenshot:

Kiwi Terminal

I am now working on cleaning up the codebase and going through my (very large) TODO list.